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Certified Oven Cleaning in MelbourneYou’re looking for an oven cleaning contractor, which can make sure all your small and big oven trouble disappear for good? We are the company for you!

We at Fantastic Oven Cleaners Melbourne have more than 10 years of experience in the cleaning business. Most importantly, we have developed a precise and decisive system to get rid of all the dirt and grime from your ovens, barbecues, grills, and any other kitchen appliances. Even better, our oven cleaning service has been used by thousands of clients throughout the Melbourne area and has proven itself to be an effective solution to your overall oven maintenance.

Take advantage of our services and get in touch right away. Now you can make booking a service with Fantastic even easier by scheduling your oven cleaning online with a 10% discount.

9 Excellent Reasons to Choose Fantastic Oven Cleaners Melbourne

Melbourne Reviews

Absolutely fantastic job as always! After a hard seasons grilling, you always manage to get the barbecue back to looking brand new. See you again in a few months!

Derek, Richmond, Rated: 5 of 5

After all we put the BBQ through this year, I thought we`d finally done for it, it was in such a state. Really impressed with the job you guys did - you not only brought it back from the dead, but got it back to looking virtually new.

Mark L, Fitzroy, Rated: 4 of 5

I'm really pleased with the job you guys did on my oven, digging off all the caked on muck couldn’t have been easy! Good job!

Tracey, Gladstone Park, Rated: 5 of 5

I have to give my personal recommendation to you guys for the work you did on my oven. Managed to get it looking like it did when we first bought it, which is sum achievement considering all we've put it through! Couldn't beat the price as well, for the level of service we received. Already passed your name on to a few others.

Mary Duffield, Guys Hill, Rated: 5 of 5

Fast, efficient work, done cheaply. Got everything looking brand new - can’t say fairer than that!

Matt Collard, Glen Huntly, Rated: 5 of 5

Thank you for the exceptional service you brought to cleaning the ovens in our apartment block. It was something I was putting off for a while because of the cost and the hassle, but neither were much of a problem in this instance. Will definitely look to use your service again in the future.

B. Rogers, Hampton, Rated: 4 of 5

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Melbourne Oven CleanersThanks to our persistence and hard work throughout the years, we can now offer you a meticulous and first rate oven cleaning help. Here are 9 excellent reasons to choose us as your oven cleaning contractor:

  1. Our trusted cleaners and technical crew are fully trained, background vetted, and insured with a public liability insurance
  2. We are part of a big brand, spread all over the major cities in Australia, and we apply all the same high standards in all of our work
  3. Property owners and professionals trust us. We are regularly booked to clean ovens and kitchens, as well as entire properties for inspection and sales purposes
  4. No dangerous cleaning products. All our products are environmentally-friendly, completely non-toxic and leave no fumes or residue like most commercial oven cleaning products do
  5. We provide convenience and flexibility. You can book our expert oven cleaning service on weekend, evenings, or even on holidays, at no extra charge. Our payment methods are also flexible
  6. We guarantee a great value and satisfaction from all our cleaning and repair services
  7. Our customer support team is available to you 24/7
  8. All our services are affordable and personally tailored to fit your needs
  9. We offer free quotes, tips, and assistance all along the way

Our Deep Oven Cleaning Procedure Includes:

  • Taking all trays, racks, and other removable parts off (we use the highly-effective dip tank method to clean them)
  • Take the door of the oven off and, if possible, removing the rubber seal - so we can clean them separately
  • Scrape off the excess grease from the inside of your oven
  • Spraying an oven cleaning solution and leaving it to work for 10-15 minutes. Once it dissolves all the burnt dirt and grime, it will be easier for the oven cleaners to remove the buildups
  • Thoroughly wiping and polishing the inside of the oven
  • Cleaning the oven door separately, with attention to all the crevices and small details
  • Assembling all the parts of the oven back together, wiping and polish the outside of the oven

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Besides the unrivaled quality, booking a service with our oven cleaning company gets you tons of exclusive offers and discounts. Just take a look at the full range of cleaning services that our oven cleaners offer - rangehood, fridge, BBQ, kitchen, one-off, microwave and even oven repairs. Combine the services you need and get your bargain right now by calling 03 8652 1920.

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