Deep BBQ Cleaning in Melbourne

Barbecue Cleaning in MelbourneBBQ cleaning Melbourne - We all know the feeling, you've dug out the barbecue after months of neglect, only to find it's covered in the remnants of last summer. Or perhaps you've had a particularly big cookout, left it for a couple of weeks and just can't seem to shift the leftover, caked on grease and grime. The amount of effort needed in scrubbing the thing down means it's certainly a job that nobody looks forward to. Which is where our BBQ and oven cleaners in Melbourne can help!

Our BBQ cleaning would include:

  • Inspect your BBQ before cleaning it and place a protective mat to keep the floor clean.
  • Give the cooking grills a good brush, remove them and clean them thoroughly.
  • Remove the flavor bars to expose the burners, brush them off and clean each one of them.
  • Carefully scrape any large residues from the inside of your BBQ, spray it with a degreaser and then scrape the inside surfaces.
  • The bottom tray and drip tray underneath the BBQ are also cleaned as part of the service, as well as the side burners.
  • Finally, we assemble all part, wipe down and polish your BBQ in and out.

We do Professional BBQ Cleaning

Melbourne Reviews

Absolutely fantastic job as always! After a hard seasons grilling, you always manage to get the barbecue back to looking brand new. See you again in a few months!

Derek, Richmond, Rated: 5 of 5

After all we put the BBQ through this year, I thought we`d finally done for it, it was in such a state. Really impressed with the job you guys did - you not only brought it back from the dead, but got it back to looking virtually new.

Mark L, Fitzroy, Rated: 4 of 5

I'm really pleased with the job you guys did on my oven, digging off all the caked on muck couldn’t have been easy! Good job!

Tracey, Gladstone Park, Rated: 5 of 5

I have to give my personal recommendation to you guys for the work you did on my oven. Managed to get it looking like it did when we first bought it, which is sum achievement considering all we've put it through! Couldn't beat the price as well, for the level of service we received. Already passed your name on to a few others.

Mary Duffield, Guys Hill, Rated: 5 of 5

Fast, efficient work, done cheaply. Got everything looking brand new - can’t say fairer than that!

Matt Collard, Glen Huntly, Rated: 5 of 5

Thank you for the exceptional service you brought to cleaning the ovens in our apartment block. It was something I was putting off for a while because of the cost and the hassle, but neither were much of a problem in this instance. Will definitely look to use your service again in the future.

B. Rogers, Hampton, Rated: 4 of 5

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BBQ Cleaning Melbourne

An unclean grill can begin to taint your food's flavour, as can residue left by the harsh cleaning agents many people use to clean their barbecues. Our eco-friendly cleaning techniques do away with the need for harmful chemicals, while our specially tailored, streamlined service means that barbecue cleaning Melbourne has never been so affordable! Leaving you with a fantastically clean barbecue at a price that won't hurt your wallet. Besides with the barbecue, our professionals can help you with cleaning of the fridge or full kitchen cleaning.

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